Building out a hotel kitchen? Putting together a budget for pizza restaurant equipment? Looking to kick your kitchen up a notch?

If you’re dreaming about a commercial kitchen counter layout, blueprints of restaurant kitchen designs, restaurant bar stools and smallwares, let our restaurant kitchen planning design guides put your mind at ease. Being experts in restaurant kitchen design and layout, we have a smart solution. Supplying a wide assortment of restaurant equipment and restaurant and bar furniture styles, we have something for every budget. If your restaurant kitchen layout plans are just being worked out on cocktail napkins, come see Hangman Professional Kitchen Outfitters. Keeping on top of trends in hospitality restaurant design, Hangman Corporation will leave you looking smart.

We offer the following:

  • Refrigeration, freezers, coolers & restaurant equipment
  • Barwashers
  • Restaurant glassware
  • Walk-in refrigeration & walk-in freezers
  • Commercial ice machines
  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Counter top equipment
  • Professional mixer and slicer accessories & parts
  • Hood & walk-in components

& Bars

At Hangman Professional Kitchen Outfitters, “kitchen” is our middle name - literally. We know the ropes and more, and we’re ready to round up all your kitchen dreams and make them a reality. Hangman covers everything from cocktail napkins to the kitchen sink, so this one-stop shop will never leave you hanging.

But that’s not all. When it comes to bars, we call the shots around town, and that’s ‘cause we’ve got the know-how. We not only build beautiful pieces – we use top-quality materials and cut our own stainless steel. Our you-call-it attitude keeps our customers happy, and our well-executed design keeps ‘em coming back for more.

& Fixtures

Booths and tables, chairs and stools. We’ve got all the missing pieces that will make your bar or restaurant complete. It’s not a guessing game with us – we work with you and your interior designer to get you fixed up with just the right equipment from lights to seats and everything in between. Rest assured we’ll go out on a limb to keep your vision in tact.

Our expert team will save you the hassle of roundin’ up all your options by doing it for you. We know the best way to turn your restaurant into more than just a great place to eat. We make sure your customers will have an amazing experience by giving your restaurant the flair it always needed. Mark our words.

& Smallware

We know the cookin’ and bakin’ doesn’t stop at the stove. Your professional kitchen needs platters, utensils, pots and pans, and Hangman knows just how to round it all up. We’ll give you the tools to keep your food delicious and your kitchen top-notch.

We know the show’s not over ‘till the food is served and the guests are full, and that’s why our tabletop selection gets the final word. From chardonnay glasses to silverware and linens, Hangman serves up the finishing touches and hands it to you on a silver platter.

Stick a fork in us – we’re not done ‘till every last detail is complete.